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Weekly Lessons

Students attend one lesson per week. Lessons are scheduled in slots of 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the age and playing level of the student. In between lessons, students are expected to practice daily at home on an acoustic instrument. Length of practice will vary with the age and development of student skills. Parents are crucial to the success of their child's piano study, so it's important to make practice an encouraging and regular habit.

Piano Lesson

Studio Policies and Tuition

All students/parents receive updated studio policies at the beginning of the school year (or time of enrollment). Attendance at any lesson constitutes agreement to these policies.

Tuition is charged as an annual fee. Payment can be made in monthly or quarterly installments, preferably by check or your financial institution's bill pay service. Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month/quarter. An annual materials fee is due upon enrollment and in June for continuing students. This fee covers all books and supplies.


Performance opportunities

Students are offered several performance opportunities throughout the year.

  • Periodic group classes are fun ways for students to listen to each other and engage in theory games.

  • In the spring, students have the chance to be evaluated by a qualified evaluator. They perform technical skills and repertoire and take a theory test.

  • Near the end of the year, studio recitals offer family and friends a wonderful experience of hearing what students have accomplished during the year.

  • The local music teachers association also offers festivals and competition. Students are welcome to participate.

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