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Quality piano instruction for children and teachers

With 40 years of experience, I offer a holistic approach to learning to play the piano. Children and teachers alike can grow in knowledge, skill and expression. Click on the links at the top of the page for more information.

Piano lesson in progress
Arlene Steffen

Arlene Steffen exemplifies what teachers can do for the world and how one person can make a difference in the lives of countless young people and children. Arlene works with students from beginning through advanced stages, teaching each child not just about music but also about humanity and emotion. With degrees in piano pedagogy, performance and music education, Arlene taught at Fresno Pacific University and touched the lives of music majors, fellow professors and aspiring musicians. She served as the Chair of the Independent Music Teachers Committee for the National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy for many years, organizing and presenting workshops for teachers. In 2019, she was awarded an Outstanding Service Award by the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy. Arlene also mentors teachers, influencing the lives of young people around the country. Her students regularly participate in competitions and festivals as well as their school and church music programs and have gone on to professional music careers as performers, music educators and church musicians. As a member of Music Teachers Association of California Fresno County, Arlene filled volunteer roles including president, secretary, evaluations chair and festival chair. She is a lifelong church musician, regularly planning and providing music for worship services. 

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